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I can show you various financing options that you may not be aware of and will discuss the likely impact of each alternative if you are selling a property. Depending on the price of the home and/or the amount of your down payment, there may be several options that fit your personal situation:

  • VA (for military veterans only)
  • FHA (Federal Housing Administration)
  • Conventional (Fixed rate over a set number of years)
  • Other options including owner finance, first time home buyer programs, loan assumptions and lease purchase

Pre-approval preparation

 I’ll work closely with you to understand the documents and financial information you’ll need to gather prior to meeting with your lender. Pre-approval is based on your employment, income, assets, liabilities and available down payment to close on your home. Some sellers only accept offers from pre-approved buyers. 

The benefits of getting pre-qualified by a lender                                               

  • Your monthly payments will be accurately calculated            
  • Narrows your search to homes you can afford
  • Sellers will be more responsive to your offer
  • Peace of mind before you search for a home
  • Ability to select the best loan package without feeling pressured